Lemon Curd Cream Pie with Fresh Strawberries

I just returned from a visit to Ireland, and now I have strawberries front and center on the brain.

I’ll be sharing more about my trip in other posts, but while there, we visited some lovely food suppliers in County Wexford, including Danescastle Fruit Farm. Wexford is known for its glorious strawberries, and now I know why. Delicious, juicy, and red through and through, this was some of the best fruit I’ve ever tasted, right off the vine.

A Glorious County Wexford Strawberry
A Glorious County Wexford Strawberry

But…back to reality. I know, I know. Here in Florida, strawberry season is at an end. But if you happen to be some place where you can get gorgeous strawberries — or even if you’re dreaming of the next time strawberry season rolls around — you may enjoy having this one in your recipe box. But keep in mind also that lemon goes with so many other flavors. So feel free to substitute any type of berry. Blueberries would be especially terrific and visually striking. Continue reading “Lemon Curd Cream Pie with Fresh Strawberries”

Chef Rick Bayless – Coming to a Macy’s Near Me

I love chefs.  Real chefs – not the “chefs” on TV these days that dump a brownie mix into a bowl, dress it up with canned pie filling, and call it dessert.  I love the men and women who lovingly craft amazing food, opening our eyes and mouths to new wonders, all while looking for the best, freshest, and most ecologically responsible foods to prepare.

Chef Rick Bayless is this kinda guy.

Jeremiah first introduced me to Rick Bayless years ago.  I can’t remember precisely when…but I do know that we were living in Vinings in Atlanta at the time, in our first apartment.  So it must have been at least nine years ago.  We made lots of recipes out of his book, Rick Bayless’s Mexican Kitchen.  It was Rick that taught me how to make a mole, and all about the personalities of different dried chiles.  Rick sent us hunting through the markets in Atlanta for spices and chiles that, way back in the 90s, weren’t available in Winn-Dixie and Wal Mart.  Since then, I’ve watched his star grow brighter, and today, he is regarded as one of our country’s top chefs, and he is committed to teaching and sharing about healthy, sustainable, responsible food production.  I follow him on Twitter and receive his newsletter, and I am constantly challenged and excited about what he shares.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading his books or watching his show Mexico One Plate at a Time on PBS, I highly recommend it.  You don’t even need to like cooking…or even food for that matter.  Because above all, from the first time I read Bayless’s books, I was struck by his beautiful writing, and the passion that he conveys with every single word.  He loves what he does, and he make you want to love it, too.

I was over the moon when I found out that Chef Rick would be appearing right here, in Orlando, at a free cooking demonstration and book signing.  Since I’m trying to find my way around this great big social media world, I thought myself pretty hip to have come across the information on Twitter before my internet surfing, foodie husband learned of it.  Still, I was too late, and I missed the opportunity for seat reservations.  But owing to a problem with the toll free reservation line AND the uber-helpful folks at the Macy’s Culinary Council, I was able to get in at the last minute.  Thank you, thank you, Lauren at Be Everywhere!

So…if you’d like to come and stand and see one of the most amazing chefs that I’ve ever had the pleasure to follow, please come out and show Chef Rick some love tomorrow afternoon.  The demo will take place at 2pm, Sunday 17 October, at Macy’s at the Mall of Millenia, in the housewares department.  Tell ’em Brooke sent ya. 🙂

Here We Go….

After starting and starting again, here we are…starting again.  Another blog.  But this time, a real one.  This time, I’m not pigeon-holing myself, as though I have one interest, and it’s enough to regale you with brilliant words day in and day out.  This time I’m diversifying.

So what can you expect, Savvy, Busy Reader?  You can expect to see me on the page, and all the parts that make up me, which, I think, will be interesting to you.  I’ve learned a thing or two in thirty-nine years.  Maybe you already know most of it.  Maybe you don’t.  I guess we’ll find out.

Specifically, tune in to see what Brooke is babbling about, and you are likely to encounter any and all of the following subjects:  food, God (the Judeo-Christian evangelical one), parenting, Disney, fitness, goals, and more food.  Oh, and thoughts here and there on my aspiring to be a homeschooler.  If any of this sounds interesting, please, stick around, and invite a few friends to the party.  I want to teach here, but I also want to learn, and build community.  In other words, I want to do good work here.  And I know I’m not brilliant enough to do it alone.

Welcome.  And thanks for being here.  Let me know what you think.