Epcot’s 15th Annual Food & Wine Festival – Take I

You should know this about me right now:  I love Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival.

Sure, I could make most of the dishes that they serve there.  Sure, I could go to Publix and buy a lot of the wines that they pour.  But there is something about it…something wonderful about getting to snack your way around the world, something grand about tasting all of those different dishes.  Part of it, I’m sure, is history:  I’ve been attending F&W since the first year, so there’s always a little nostalgia there.  And the F&W has played a major role in the unfolding events of my adult life, a theme that I’ll expand when I “guest” later this month on Disney Food Blog.  But for now, you should know this.  Because it explains why I would fight traffic and whiny children for the chance to run over to Epcot for the afternoon long enough to walk all the way to the back of the park and sample the food of one – yes, that’s right, one – booth:  Germany.


We picked Germany because, ostensibly, we were there as a field trip so that Elle could learn a little about other countries (my justification for these middle-of-the-week jaunts to the other side of town.)  Even though Oktoberfest is technically over, it is still October, and Elle’s heritage is German…so what the heck?

The offerings for Germany aren’t surprising, but are delicious.  There is a spaetzle gratin with ham and cheese:

Delicious and creamy and perfectly seasoned and piping hot, Elle was ALL OVER THIS.  Sure, we called it mac and cheese to her, but that just ensured that she’d actually try it.

Next came the Nurnberger Sausage in a Pretzel Roll with a dab of mustard:

Delicious.  The sausage is mild, and the pretzel roll was just-right-chewy.  I might have liked a little salt on the top of the roll, but I’m sure that our blood pressure didn’t need it. Continue reading “Epcot’s 15th Annual Food & Wine Festival – Take I”