Top Ten Tuesday: Fabulously Lame Excuses Not to Work Out

Originally written 3 October 2008, isn’t this timeless?  Who among us hasn’t made lame excuses?  Because I’d really like to meet you.  No, really.  This is even more appropriate after yesterday’s post about fitness goals.

Since I haven’t yet sprung for the fancy underwater MP3 player yet (oh yes, it does exist), my mind wanders while I swim laps.  This morning, it wandered to all the excuses that I’ve made lately for not keeping up my fitness routine.  For your superiority-to-me-because-you’d-never-not-exercised-for-such-stupid-reasons-pleasure, I submit to you my Top Ten List of Fabulously Lame Excuses Not to Work Out:

Number 10:  It’s too hot.

Number 9:  It’s too cold.

Number 8:  It’s too early, and I’ve got such a long day.

Number 7:  It’s too late, and I’m full from eating dinner.

Number 6:  The three-year old doesn’t want to go for a walk.

Number 5:  It’s really bug-gy out there.

Number 4:  The lakefront street is closed, so I can’t possibly ride my bike.

Number 3:  It’s really windy, so I can’t possibly ride my bike.

Number 2:  I don’t want to wash my hair today/my hair looks great today/I’ve already put on makeup today.

And the Number 1 Lamest Excuse Not to Exercise:  I don’t have any batteries for my MP3 player and how could I possibly walk/run for 30 minutes with no tunes?

Cue loud, atonal music.

Try this little exercise – pardon the pun – and test your excuses to see if they sound stupid out loud/look goofy on paper.  Maybe, just maybe, it will motivate you to get off your butt, too.

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5 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Fabulously Lame Excuses Not to Work Out

  1. Alana says:

    Love it!🙂 They do sound kinda dumb on paper huh?

  2. ohamanda says:

    Did you mention:

    It’s raining.

    I’m tired.

    The kids are about to wake up.

    And my favorite: I did it yesterday!

    Thanks for linking up!😉

  3. Betsy says:

    What? All those excuses sound totally legit to me. Especially the hair one.

  4. Jessica S says:

    Ha-ha! I love your list. The sad part is that I’ve said all but two of them. 🙂 I’m actually going to take your advice and write down every excuse I make over the next month. I think I’ll put the excuses in a box with a slit on top so next month I can take them back out and see if they still made sense or just sound whiny. Great post–and definitely timeless! 🙂

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