Being Honest With Myself

Hi, I’m Brooke. (Hi Brooke.)

I eat a well-balanced diet, get seven hours of sleep per nite, I don’t watch more than 30 minutes of television a day, and I don’t eat too much salt. OH – and I walk two miles in 30 minutes.  That 16 minute per mile pace for the Disney Princess Half Marathon?  No problem.


So, I’m on a kick lately to, as Dr. Phil would put it, to get real.  And on my realness journey, I’m finding out a couple of things about myself:

  • I spend far too much time on Facebook and Twitter.
  • I don’t eat oatmeal nearly as often as I think I do (or at least I didn’t before I started logging every bite into a swell new app I found.)
  • A twenty hour work week, at home, with a baby crawling around, is difficult.  Not impossible, certainly, but difficult.
  • I don’t walk the 15 minute per mile pace I thought I walked.  I walk a 17.5 minute per mile pace.  And that’s only for two miles.  I’m pretty sure it would get slower if I were to walk, oh, say, 13.1 miles.

And that last one?  That’s a problem.

See, I really want to do a half marathon.  To be specific, I really want to do a Disney half marathon.  In fact, I wanted to do the Inaugural Wine and Dine Half earlier this month, but childbirth followed by a hot summer took their toll.  So I have my sights set on the Disney Princess Half next February.

Cue the “You can do it!”s.  Well, yes, I can.  I can certainly walk 13.1 miles.  But can I do it in the just over three hours and change that they’ve allotted?  To be honest, at this point, I don’t know if I can.  And I’d rather be honest than hugely disappointed.

So….for now, I keep training.  For now, I work on getting my pace up, and then I work on distance, and then getting the pace up on the new distance, etc.  I can certainly do it eventually. 

For me, this is the year of honesty.  But it’s also the year of something much bigger, something much more valuable:  it’s the year of really understanding that just about everything in life worth having or doing cannot be had or done overnite.  It takes diligence.  And incremental success.   And focus.  And tenacity.

So, that’s the update.  The cat’s out of the bag on the big fitness goal.  Along with training for the half, I am also working toward weight loss.  The goal is eighty pounds.  Will I get there overnite?  Nope.  Will I maybe have to settle for sixty pounds, or fifty, or forty-five?  Possibly.  But I know that, if I attack it step by step, a little at a time, I’ll get somewhere along the goal continuum.  You see, I suppose the real goal is to be better tomorrow than I was today or yesterday.  And, if I achieve that…well, that’s something to be proud of.

I’ll keep you posted🙂

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8 Responses to Being Honest With Myself

  1. Robin says:

    Better tomorrow than today or yesterday. I like that…a lot.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Jennifer S. says:

    I needed this today. And I’ll work on it with you (the weight loss / fitness part, not the half marathon training!)

  3. Jason Wright says:

    You maybe cant change the beginning but you can the end. We will be 40 this year, set your goals and knock it out the park girl.:)

  4. Get you distance down and the pace will come.

    No, I know you can’t do a half marathon all the time, but those longer training days will really add up for a drop in your shorter paces. I’m stuck around 18 minutes, for a 5K but I haven’t pushed up my distance. If I could get to the point that a further distance was my “norm”, I know the pace would pick up.

    I walked 2.6 miles at a *cough* 18:50 pace today… sloooow poke! The key is to just keep at it. We all know you can do it, now get to it!!

  5. Amy says:

    Many first time 1/2 and marathon runners do a pace where they run for 2 minutes and walk for 2 minutes. They alternate this through the entire event. It helps drop your per minute time over just walking yet is more comfortable if you are ready to run the entire 13.1 or 26.2 miles. I actually did this on the last 10 miles of my first marathon.

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