Top Ten Tuesday: How Not to Lose Your Work-At-Home-Mommy Mind

There is a reason this is short, sweet, and to the point today…because I need it more than all y’all put together.  Tomorrow, I shall once again be eloquent and long-winded.  Today, I go straight to the point – no passing GO, and certainly no collecting 200 hundred bucks.  Today, I settle for sanity.  Happy Top Ten Tuesday!

10. Forget the housework.  No, seriously.  Say it with me.  FORGET THE HOUSEWORK.  Because then NONE of us feel guilty.  K?

9. Remember fondly that commute from Acworth to Dunwoody and back again everyday.  Pregnant.  And crazy.  There is reason ENOUGH right there.

8. Dance, Baby, dance.

7. Praise and worship music to focus and center.

6. Call your mom. She will tell you how great you are.

5. Watch an infomercial featuring famous actresses with zits.

4. Wine to combat the whine if you are so inclined.

3. Fifteen minute nap? Well, that’s enough time to write a blog. Because I don’t have to put on stockings, make up, and fix my hair to do it.

2. Deep breathing (hey, there’s a reason why it’s cliche.)

1. Remember why you are a WAHM in the first place. And remember that you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Now, pardon me. I’m off to the park with Jake.  Because of course he is awake again.

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